luxurious coconut apricot creme wax

Why we chose to use coconut apricot wax

Ayurella candles are made from smooth creamy coconut apricot wax that combines the properties of coconut and apricot waxes to create candles with unique characteristics: eco-friendly, smooth texture, cleaner longer burn, unparalleled scent retention, and splendid scent throws.

Coconut wax is highly favoured due to its exceptional properties. It offers a clean burn, minimizing soot and smoke, resulting in a healthier and more enjoyable candle experience. Additionally, coconut apricot wax provides a slow and even burn, extending the candle's lifespan, and has an impressive scent throw, creating a long-lasting and fragrant ambiance.

Apricot wax, derived from the kernels of apricots, is a lesser-known but valuable ingredient in candle making. By adding apricot wax to a wax blend, it enhances the structural integrity and firmness of our candles, reducing issues like melting or warping, particularly in warm environments.

  • How is it different than soy wax?

    Coconut apricot wax surpasses soy wax with its superior fragrance retention and longer lasting cleaner burn. Its blend of coconut and apricot waxes offers a unique candle-burning experience, enhancing ambiance and aesthetic appeal compared to traditional soy wax candles.

  • Do we offer soy wax candle options?

    We have opted not to offer soy wax candles due to several considerations. These include concerns related to allergies, GMO ingredients, potential environmental impact associated with soybean cultivation, as well as challenges with scent retention and container compatibility. We prioritize providing alternative candle options that better align with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Is our wax blend eco-friendly?

    Coconut apricot wax is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice due to its origins in renewable resources that are biodegradable and derived from environmentally responsible sources. By using this blend, you reduce your environmental footprint while enjoying clean, eco-conscious candles that align with eco-friendly principles.