opulent & subtle


Envelop yourself in the subtle aura of our ambergris candle, a luxurious elixir with a mysterious, opulent scent. Its comforting undertones soothe the soul while its alluring aromas captivate the senses. Enhanced with hints of bergamot and shea, brought to life with hints of soothing rice flower.

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calm & soothing


Our best selling candle

Experience the calming indulgence of this carefully-crafted bedside candle. Perfect to accompany your night-time routine, this candle creates a sweet and tranquil atmosphere. Ease your senses as you read, relax or drift off to sleep. Enhance your self-care regimen with this luxurious candle for ultimate relaxation.

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sweet & feminine


Welcome the freshness of a flower market right into your home with the flora candle. Sweet and feminine, this candle is like a sunny day, lifting your spirits with its petals and fragrant fresh flowers.

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toasty & playful


Kissa Candle provides a unique and luxurious scent experience with its blend of sweet marshmallow and orange blossom notes. Relax and escape into its playful, innocent, and loveable aroma, perfect for any fun and luxe setting.

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seductive & sensual


With hints of sweet and spicy, our onsra candle is perfect to invigorate your senses. Relaxing and sensual, it's a scent that both men and women will love to enjoy day and night. It's the founders' favourite candle to burn, with an explosive yet seductive aroma, alluring and addicting. Light it up and get ready to be swept away by its smooth and warm ambience.

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fresh & welcoming


An exquisite and exclusive scent experience awaits with our sonder candle. Crafted with complex layers of meaning, this green and fresh candle artfully blends rosemary, fig and cassis with grassy notes to create a captivating scent you'll want to burn all day.

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smooth & sophisticated


Light up any night (in or out)with this velvety-smooth candle. It's deep, sweet scent is rich with moody notes, evoking an evening of elevated style and glamour.

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7 piece candle set

signature collection

Indulge in relaxation and self-care with our Signature Collection candle set. Each handcrafted and hand poured candle is designed to create an ambiance of tranquility and serenity, offering a diverse range of soothing scents to enhance your self-care rituals and elevate your moments of relaxation.

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