frequently asked questions

What is coconut apricot wax? Is it the same as soy wax?

Coconut apricot creme wax is not the same as soy wax or coconut-soy wax.

Ayurella candles are made from smooth creamy coconut apricot wax that combines the properties of coconut and apricot waxes to create candles with unique characteristics: eco-friendly, smooth texture, cleaner longer burn, unparalleled scent retention, and splendid scent throws. Learn more

Coconut apricot wax surpasses soy wax with its superior fragrance retention and longer lasting cleaner burn. Its blend of coconut and apricot waxes offers a unique candle-burning experience, enhancing ambiance and aesthetic appeal compared to traditional soy wax candles. Read FAQs

How long do ayurella candles burn for?

Our 8.5oz candle burns for approximately 55 hours. Learn more about candle care.

Do you offer wholesale?

We are currently taking on a limited number of wholesale orders. To inquire more, please contact us: hello@ayurellacollective.com

Are your candles available to purchase in stores?

At the moment, we offer free local-pickup option for our Vancouver clientele and shipping across Canada.

We're excited to let you know that we are actively exploring both wholesale opportunities and local in-store availability for our products. While we're in the process of setting up these new options, we appreciate your patience and interest. Keep an eye on our events.

Find us at local community markets and pop-ups! Follow us on instagram @ayurellacollective to find out where we will be popping up next in the community.

Where do you candles come from?

All candles are hand crafted in a little apartment in Vancouver, BC.

Our scents are sourced high quality fragrance oils which we blend to create a unique scent. We combine these curated scents with luxury coconut apricot creme (ceda cerica) wax and a FSC certified crackling wooden wick.

Who designed your packaging?

Our founder designed our packaging using inspiration and good old microsoft word.

What does Ayurella mean?

The name "Ayurella" is a blend of "Ayurveda," signifying the science of life, and "ella," inspired by a very special 7-year-old named Ella. She's the heart and soul behind our brand, a reminder of the pure and unbridled joy that life offers. And to keep striving every day no matter what.

For us, Ayurella means "life of Ella".

Do you have a refill program?

We do not currently have a refill program, however we are working on an eco friendly way to provide refills.

Hold onto your jars :)